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LA.FOODBLOGGING: Groundworks Coffee

Our local foodblogging establishment, la.foodblogging, has seen fit to allow me to contribute. From now on most of my Los Angeles centered posts will be done there, and linked to from here, in order to avoid duplication.

My first post is on my morningtime friend, Groundwork Coffee (as promised to Jeremy and my sweet Auntie). You can read it here: I'll Have the Works.


Congrats on spreading out your work! I'm sure it'll only bring you more opportunities!

said by Garrett at 8:56 AM Delete

Thank you! This is all part of my plan to take over the food blogging world, one step at a time. Like an even smaller, tastier Napoleon.

said by KT at 9:21 AM Delete

I'll post a duplicate of the comment I left over ther, because I am a copycat:

"Hey, thanks for the shoutout, KT!

I've long been wanting to try Groundwork, and intend to on my next trip to LA (or perhaps the one after that). Green LA Girl's been writing about it for some time, but it's great to read another, trusted opinion on the place."

(end copy/paste)

For the record, I don't think you need to be an expert to have an opinion!

said by Jeremy at 11:32 AM Delete

Thanks Jeremy!

I don't think you have to be an expert to have an opinion, but being expert tends to make one better able to explain their opinion.

For example, a coffee expert may talk about all the details that make the coffee what it is before expressing their own opinion, which is educational. I, on the other hand, will say something more on the lines of "Coffee good. Me like caffeine."

And then disguise my ignorance with stories about my fascinating life to try and distract from the lack of information provided. ;)

said by KT at 11:43 AM Delete

I think a non-expert that cares about what she's putting in her mouth and has demonstrated a good palette in other arenas would certainly be able to have an informed opinion. For instance, if the it was over-sour or stale, you'd pick up on it in a heartbeat.

said by Jeremy at 12:10 PM Delete


said by KT at 12:17 PM Delete

Take over the food blogger world? Hmm...

Let's do the Battle Royal thing (rent the Japanese movie for reference). We put, you, Pim, and Sam on an island. All armed with just one random kitchen utensil. Only one of you leaves; either because you cooked the best meal, or killed the other two.

said by Garrett at 4:09 PM Delete

Oh dear ... I read those blogs. I think I will have to opt for the violence option.

I will bring my Kitchen-Aide mixer with a really long and pointy attachment (coated with deadly poison, of course) so that I can just stand far away and let my appliance go to work.

Either that or a souped up brulee torch that ends up being more like a flamethrower.

said by KT at 4:14 PM Delete

And some stilettos. And a really cute kicking-ass outfit.

Because really ... if you're about to kill for the sake of foodblogging, you had BETTER look good while you do it. Or else it's just a joke.

said by KT at 4:16 PM Delete

I agree. A mask and a theme song couldn't hurt either.

said by Garrett at 10:31 AM Delete

OMG, I think I have to post this conversation. It's too awesome not to.

said by Garrett at 10:34 AM Delete


I've always wanted a theme song, anyway ... I already have a theme song in my head, composed by Henry Mancini. I just don't know how to get it outside of my head and into the real world.

I also would appreciate a theme song's magical powers of speeding up time and making every day life more interesting.

said by KT at 10:40 AM Delete

I would pick something with a built in light show, rock violin, and maybe an action pose or two.

Shoot, I'm entering the compeition too now. Equipped with either a set of sharp forks (how me mother taught us kids table manners; a fork in the arm. ouch.) or giant insane sheet of super nori to wrap up my foes and then toss them into the ocean.


said by Garrett at 12:22 PM Delete

Oh oh ... sounds deadly ... I'd better start training now.

I do hope that your theme music comes with lasers and that your outfit incorporates some kind of cape.

said by KT at 12:49 PM Delete

But of course! No cape though. I watched The Incredibles.


said by Garrett at 4:34 PM Delete

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