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It's taken me a zillion years to peruse the entries in the last edition of Sugar High Friday, but I finally made it. Along the way I discovered several new and interesting blogs, but one of them stood out, for a few reasons:

1. The blogger, SurfinDaave, is local. I always like to find more fun L.A. foodbloggers to read.

2. SurfinDaave likes: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Quadrophenia, and Thomas Pynchon. These are some of my favorite things. To the point where people hate to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's with me, because I will say all the lines, and to where a friend and I once planned a road trip to go try to find Thomas Pynchon. We didn't go, though. But we planned it.

3. SurfinDaave is an inventive chef who makes fabulous dishes and then blogs about it, at the same time incorporating stories and musings so you're not just looking at a food and a recipe, you are truly entertained.

So if you are looking for more L.A. foodblogging fun (or general foodblogging fun, since the blog is not necessarily L.A.-centric) please visit The Serendipitous Chef.



I too like finding other "Angeleans" who maintain food blogs. Is is me, or are there not really that many? San Francisco kicks our La-La-Land butts in this area! Thanks for the new lead--I'll be sure to check it out. Have a great weekend KT.

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No, there aren't ... L.A. just isn't as food-centric a city as SF. Which is weird because we have so much good produce available and the area is surrounded by farms and it's not THAT far to some good wine country ... I think we might see a change in that soon though. It seems like the whole food thing is on the rise around here.

We'll see.........

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I think you can singlehandedly push the LA food blog movement with this blog...

I just went to Whole Foods and their latest thing seems to be putting up signs explaining why it's good to use local produce. And then they had all these locally-grown greens displayed so I just had to buy some wonderful-looking escarole, kale, and rapini. That's a lot of greens, so I'm not yet sure what I'm going to do with the kale and the rapini, so I'm open to suggestions.

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I believe the Whole Foods thing has a lot to do with (1) "local and seasonal" being the next big thing in food after organic; and (2) the very public debates--which you can find on the internets--between a Whole Foods high muckety-muck (CEO? Pres.? I can't remember) and Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore's Dilemma, in which Whole Foods took exception to their portrayal as regards this "local" issue in Mr. Pollan's book, and Mr. Pollan very resoundingly smacked the guy back down with polite, reasonable and educated debate. It's interesting reading if you have the time.

I have definitely noticed the abundance of "support local stuff" signs in that very Whole Foods location suddenly.

Whole foods actually had a really good kale salad that they sell in their display case. I can't remember exactly what's in it, but it's very simple--I think just kale and a bit of lemon juice and maybe some pine nuts or something? I guess you could go look ... anyway, I love it and although I like salads and greens, I very seldom "love" them.

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