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RECIPE: Halibut with Mixed Beans and Lemon Butter Sauce

On a recent trip to Surfas I purchased a bag of "Tongue of Fire" beans. These are a type of cranberry bean, or as they are known in Italian, borlotti beans. The beans are white, with swirls of red and they are very pretty. Despite the name, they are not spicy, which is kind of disappointing, but the beauty of beans is that you can MAKE them spicy if you want to.

The beans themselves have a nutty flavor, which is really good. I'm not so much of a bean fan, but I preferred these to other types of beans I have had. Cranberry beans grow fresh in the summer, i.e., now and are available dried throughout the rest of the year.

It just so happened that there was a recipe for a halibut dish utilizing cranberry beans in the September issue of Food and Wine. It's a pan-roasted halibut with the lemon butter sauce.

Recipe and wine pairing suggestions can be found HERE.

Things I would do differently next time are:

1. Soak the beans before cooking. They took forever to cook.

2. Turn up the heat a little when reducing the wine. That also took forever.

Other than the unanticipated length of time it took, the recipe came out great. The fish was really easy to do once the sauce was made and the the bean salad turned out nicely. Which is good--anything to get me to eat my vegetables! I think the sauce really makes it. The lemon provides some zest and the white wine provides that rich alcohol flavor that always tastes so good in a sauce.



sounds awesome.

Quit making me hungry.

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By the way, I have a coffee post coming up for you. Maybe sometime next week ...

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I love the food setting.

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can't wait!

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What’s this? A foodie?
From San Luis Obispo?
pie contest champ…..not


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What beautiful pictures!

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A.S.: I don't believe you are the reigning pie contest champ anymore. I hope you are practicing your ice cream pie for this year. ;)

Garrett: Thanks! I'm trying to improve on my picture taking. I don't have a lot of beautiful settings in my apartment so my pix are not as fancy as some people's. But I'm working on it!

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So maybe I lost some footing on the pie deal
But I dropped a pretty good haiku on ya….if I do say so myself

Your blog rawks! (as the young folk say)

I sent you an email, to see if you and J wanted a spot in the ‘Survivor-Cook Island’
Pool…..did you get it?

I have your birthday present….as matter of fact, your birthday present is how I found
Out about Gastronomy 101…. And the amazing thing is…. I got you a COOKING gadget!

Now that I know you have been sprinkled with kitchen pixie dust, maybe I shall add this......
(oh geez someone show me how to link)
oh well…. it was too expensive

I started a blog in July but quickly got (hummmm bored? oppressed?) out of ideas after nine entries…..
But you are in it….. a photo and everything. If you want to see, email me and I’ll send you the name.
Might even start blogging again.

Wow this got long…. Should turn it into an email. But that’s it for now

Happy New Year to you and Mr. J
kisses from

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