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NEWS: L.A. Michelin Results Leaked

Dang, this is really irritating that I'm posting this right now.

First of all. I'm a rules-following kind of girl. Like Liz Lemon, I don't like it when people cut in line, or tell you they're saving a seat when they're not, or who otherwise won't wait patiently like everyone else. But it happens, and I guess I have to deal with it.

Michelin said they were announcing the stars Monday, so I was waiting patiently until Monday. But some looky-loos just had to get the jump and they did some hanky-panky with Michelin's website, and so we all have to start talking about it now.

My prudeness aside, the number one reason this is annoying is that I am on a weekender in San Francisco trying to spend my time in restaurants that are legitimately enjoying their stars, doing pear tastings at the farmer's market, watching Elizabeth Falkner bust out some demolition desserts, and amusing my friend as she waitresses at her pub, and now I have to get on the computer and write a damn blog. Good thing it's raining and I need a rest after walking up 10,082 hills.

Anyway, it appears that in a further insult to my darling Mrs. Vaguely Urban, Los Angeles was bestowed zero three star ratings, while Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas was the big three star winner. If it's any consolution, VU, I do believe that Monsieur Robuchon poops Michelin stars so how could we have expected anything less?

According to my source, Hanni M., further star results for LA:

One Star (*):

Asanebo, Studio City
CUT, Beverly Hills
Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton, Huntington (The), Pasadena
Joe's, Venice
La Botte, Santa Monica
Matsuhisa, Beverly Hills
Mori Sushi, Los Angeles
Ortolan, Hollywood
Patina, Los Angeles
Providence, Hollywood
Saddle Peak Lodge, Calabasas
Sona, Hollywood
Trattoria Tre Venezie, Pasadena
Valentino, Santa Monica
Water Grill, Los Angeles

Two Stars (**)

Melisse, Santa Monica
Spago, Beverly Hills
Urasawa, Beverly Hills

It seems fair enough, although I think Providence and Sona both deserve better, but I am always more impressed by astounding food selections than fancy trappings. And I cannot afford to eat at any of the two star restaurants anyway, so how would I know?

My lady love Suzanne Goin was awarded no stars for Lucques, and I am now volunteering to console her over bacon-wrapped, parmesan-stuffed dates. And I don't matter in the least, but even so, I give her eighteen stars for being talented, pretty, and nice, and making out-of-this-world food.

Okay, I am going back to my vacation, which I will inform you all about later. Monday, I will put up the entire list, and Monday night, I am going to party it up at Les Deux with the Frenchies and Foodies, so I will report back anything super-cool that happens.


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