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RECIPE: Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese with Fig Jam, Kale and Fontina

This sandwich was on the cover of Gourmet magazine several months ago and it looked so pretty I had to make it. Click the sandwich name above for the recipe. As you can see, I changed the ingredients a bit, based on what I could get my hands on, but it still turned out yummy.

The combination of the fontina and the fig turned out to be so good, that I've used it a couple of times since then. And the leafy greens make me feel more healthy so that I don't feel quite so bad about eating a grilled cheese sandwich.


That sounds so good. Did you make the fig jam or purchase it - and if the latter, where?

said by Anyanka at 8:16 PM Delete

Purchased ... from Erewhon of course, but maybe you could find it elsewhere. It's that French kind in the tall skinny jar.

said by KT at 8:55 PM Delete

Fig jam sounds so good. Especially in a cheese sandwich!

said by Marie at 11:17 PM Delete

Hi. I enjoyed reading your blog. IT was interesting. Thanks.

said by Shakespere at 12:21 PM Delete

I wonder if this sandwich would travel well - say, to the hollywood bowl....

said by Anyanka at 8:33 PM Delete

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