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RECIPE: Greens with Chevre Dressing

Greens with Chevre Dressing, originally uploaded by ktglick.

All right, so in honor of goat cheese, and summer, I decided to make this salad with a chevre dressing. Unfortunately, the dressing just was not all that great, in my opinion. It was not very flavorful and didn't add much to the salad at all. I thought that it either needed more thyme, or perhaps a more pungent herb, like cilantro or dill, or maybe some lemon zest or juice to add some acidity. My walnut oil was at the bottom of the bottle and so I suspect it may have been on the way out, quality-wise, so that may have been the culprit as well.

It was not the cheese. I put the leftover goat cheese on some bread and baked it to make some mini-toasts to eat with the salad and they were great.

The next day, I ate the salad with just olive oil and balsamic vinegar and it was great. The flavor of the toasted nuts and fresh greens really stood out without the distraction of the bland goat cheese dressing.

This recipe came from Food & Wine magazine, which recommended a "grapefruity" Sauvignon Blanc to eat with this. Their pick was Kenwood 2004, which they did not have at the store. So I chose an S.B. called "Pomelo," which is a fruit that's almost a grapefruit, so I figured it must be a good pick for a "grapefruity" S.B. Guess what? It was! It tasted VERY grapefruity and did seem to go well with the salad and the warm weather.



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