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INFO: Ghotab

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Ghotab (Ghotaab, ghottab, qottab) is a Persian pastry, which along with typical ingredients also contains yogurt, almonds and cardamom. It is basically a round piece of pastry dough folded over an almond paste/sugar/cardamom mixture and then lightly fried. Some versions of ghotab may contain other ingredients, since most of the best recipes are family secrets that are jealously guarded.

Ghotab is one of three types of sweets ("shirini") that the Iranian city of Yazd is famous for producing. Yazd is an ancient city that was once a center for Zoroastrianism and is now famous for its architecture (along with the shirini!). The confectioners of Yazd keep their recipes very secret and many have been passed down through several generations. Other shirini famous in Yazd are baghlava and pashmak.

Ghotab is relatively easy to make, although my ghotab was not homemade by me, but purchased from Mashti Malone's, which is also an excellent source for Iranian-style ice cream in flavors such as rosewater saffron, orange blossom with pistachios and the intriguing "herbal snow," an ice cream containing 14 different herbs and spices.

Here is a simple ghotab recipe, although the measurements are metric, which is confusing for us yankees, but if you need a guide, this site has metric measurement conversions.


Herbal snow is delicious! I can attest to that. I like the rosewater saffron, but am just not crazy about the vermicelli it contains. It looks like little worms (and so is aptly named)...specifically, little worms I once saw growing in day-old dog food. vermicelli for me.

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They have rosewater saffron without it! The one with the little rice strips is called faludeh and those actually help you digest the ice cream (at least, according to the store owner).

But the scoop I got was just ice cream, and it had some little nuts in it, maybe pistachios, and it was rosewater saffron flavor.

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