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In an attempt to overcompensate for my own lack of interestingness today, I bring you moundfuls of others who have something to say--but don't leave me for good! I promise tomorrow I will have stories to tell of greasy haired musicians who magically turn into chefs before your very eyes!

In the meantime, feast your eyes as well on: Acme Instant Food. I found this blog via his comment on The Delicious Life, and this guy just seemed like a person I would like, so I went to his blog and discovered gobs and gobs of amazing recipes. And I do like him! He works at a non-profit! And makes Madonna-themed Disco French Toast! And there are pictures of a dog with rye bread on its nose!

How many billable hours does looking at blogs count for?


Not even .2?

I'm sure what I have learned will help me with a case SOMEHOW.


KT--Forget about me, I want to hear about greasy-haired musicians turning into chefs! This isn't going to be like one of those stupid pictures that you have to stare cross-eyed at for three hours before a 3-D picture of a lame dinosour appears, is it?

Thanks for the very flattering post! I love Sarah (Delicious Life) and that was a fun entry. I'm making excellent use of my work day pouring through food blogs. In my defense, I'm leaving this weekend for a week-long business trip so I'm allowed some quiet time, right?

Thanks again for the kind words (wow, unsolicited comments are the BEST) and I look forward to reading your future posts.

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No, no tricks about the musician--I'm not that cruel--just an item about an interesting article I read (well started to read--but didn't finish, hence no post), with recipe(!) that I would never have expected.

I think that reading food blogs is an excellent preparation for a business trip. Sort of like meditation, but more fun!

I like to use reading food blogs as a preparation for everything, including (but not limited to): driving to work, working, lunch break, starting work again after lunch break, driving home after work, working out, eating, and sleeping. I find it very helpful!

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