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MISC.: I Am Not A Pastry Chef!

So I tried, last night, to make these dessert things that involved meringues. I should have known. I am totally not a baker. I can make cookies really well and that's about it.

Oh, I am capable of making a dessert, but in order to do it successfully I must follow the recipe exactly and not deviate one iota. (And I love deviation). But the recipe for the meringues made six meringues and I didn't need six meringues! Moreover, they're not the kind of thing you can just keep around for later days. Like, cookies you can keep for long enough to eat them all, even if you make a jillion. Meringues ... not so much. You basically have a day to eat them.

I tried, but with the reduction in the recipe, the egg was just not stabilizing enough. I may have been able to get it to work with some cream of tartar, but we did not have any. As a last resort I just threw the stuff into the oven to see what it would do. It looked promising at first ... it looked like it was making something approximately like what I wanted, except more of a ... capsule than a meringue. But when I turned the oven off for it to cool it all kind of collapsed. Oh well.

The meringues were supposed to be topped with berries in a cardamom syrup and some whipped cream with cardamom in it. I think I can manage that part and with a little shortcake magic, may still be able to get a fabulous dessert.

But still, in the restaurant of my life, I will stick to being executive chef, my lovely husband J. is my bartender, and old neighbor RG will be my star pastry chef.


Berries and cardamom sound delicious. I'm so hungry!

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