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NEWS: New Restaurants in my Neighborhood

A couple of new restaurants have opened up near my place that I am interested in trying sometime soon. Keep these in mind, friends, for next time we are going "ummmmmm ... where do you want to go?" "I don't know, where do you want to go?" Remind me to look at my blog and remember the following ideas:

Cube at Divine Pasta Co.:
Divine Pasta Co. on La Brea now also features "Cube," a casual cheese bar and cafe, open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. The menu features a dazzling array of cheeses and charcuterie, as well as pasta dishes, pizzas, panini, and sides both small and more substantial. Cube is located on La Brea between Melrose and Clinton. There's also a newly remodeled gourmet shop that has over 800 products for your perusal. Don't be confused by the plethora of signs, just go in and eat.

Karen and Quinn Hatfield, formerly of Cortez in San Francisco, have headed down our way to try out the dining scene on Beverly Blvd. in the old Chine Wok space. Mr. is the chef, Mrs. is the pastry chef and manager. Hatfield's will be open for dinner Monday through Saturday. Hatfield's is on Beverly Blvd. between Gardner and Vista. The restaurant features contemporary French-California cuisine in a casually dressy atmosphere.

For those who like to know, the space is decorated in shades white and cream, accented by green suede upholstery and wood accents. There is a patio that wraps around and a small outdoor space in back. Reservations are required at this buzzworthy restaurant.

The restaurant features, in addition to its a la carte menu, a weekly three course market menu that is reasonably priced and a chef's tasting menu.

Right now, the market menu consists of: a butter lettuce and roasted beet salad with Rainier cherries, roasted shallot balsalmic vinaigrette, and manchego cheese; slow baked wild salmon with sauteed maitake mushrooms, and yellow corn with tomato vinaigrette; and a strawberry and cream shortcake with vanilla bay leaf ice cream. The price is $42. The chef's tasting menu is seven courses and is $72.

Tasca means "neighborhood place" in Spanish, and it looks like it has potential to be exactly that: a great little neighborhood place. Tasca is open for dinner nightly, and for brunch on weekends. The brunch looks quite intriguing, with dishes such as truffle egg toast, brie and mushroom fritatta, and butternut squash, sage and mascarpone risotto. We recently noticed that they were applying for a liquor license, which would put it over the edge to be a "must check out" place for me. They plan to have a wine bar featuring wines from California, Argentina and Chile. Until then, corkage is free! Tasca is located on 3rd Street at Crescent Heights.

The room is dark and flickering with little candles. That's the only impression I have received from my jaunts past it on the way to other 3rd street favorites. There are also some outside tables for these summer nights when sitting outside feels better than staying at home. The menu features Spanish tapas and European-style dishes for larger plates.


Tasca, in Barcelona, means "bar." My friend Tasca, who was named after the operatic heroine Tosca, loved that.

Now I wish I were going to Europe soon. Damn World Cup!

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Ha ha! Well, to me neighborhood place = bar. It's one and the same.

I guess, "tasca" in Spain must be the equivalent of the English "local." I loved having a "local" when I was living in London.

While Josh was there, Authentic Cafe was totally my "local." Now, not so much. It's way too expensive for a local. I need a new local!

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