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RESTAURANT: Clementine

Brunch at Clementine, originally uploaded by ktglick.

For the past several months, I have been waking up sore. Now, I thought this was no big deal because for a while, I was exercising a lot and I thought it was just the effects of that. But then, recently, I took a break from the exercise as I transitioned from the old place to a new place and found that I was still waking up sore every day. What is this? I consulted with J. and learned that he too has been waking up sore and having a hard time sleeping. The culprit? Our 12 year old mattress. Looks like it's time to get a new one.

So yesterday, we bit the bullet and went to look at beds. Thankfully, J. did lots of research and narrowed us down to two stores, because here is the thing. I know this sounds wrong and weird and I know this is very shocking, but ... I hate shopping. Now, don't get me wrong, I love buyimg things, I just hate the process of determining what type of thing I am going to buy. There is just so very much walking involved, and decisionmaking, and then I always pick the one that I can't afford and I also find about 50 other things that I NEED desperately but didn't come to buy and also can't afford.

So in order to go shopping, I need sustenance. I need a meal that will provide me with energy because shopping exhausts me to no end. Eating for shopping for me, is like eating for a long hike, or a long-distance run.

So before we got to the bed stores, we stopped at Clementine. Clementine is one of those restaurants, like Joan's on Third, or M de Chaya, that is the kind of restaurant I always feel I would want to have, if I had my own. Seasonal, simple food cooked fresh and available either ready made to take away, or prepared for you and brought for eating at your table restaurant-style. Sort of like a gourmet deli. Everything at Clementine is homemade, including the granola, which is what I got. And this granola is made for sustenance. It has whole almonds in it, and comes with a whole mountain of colorful dried cranberries and apricots on top. With a bowl of that, and some grapefruit juice, I was ready to shop.

Clementine also has delicious baked goods, fresh sandwiches, soups and salads and a variety of takeaway meals for lunch or dinner. They can make up a picnic basket for you, or a breakfast box, or dessert box. They have curbside pickup, where you can order your food and they will bring it out to you so you do not even have to leave your car.

It seems difficult to get there right now because of Santa Monica Blvd. being under construction, but you can actually park right on Santa Monica now and go up the nearby walkway, cross over the dirt road, and you're there.

The food is really worth it. Whether you are going for a run, a grueling hike, or simply a bed-shopping marathon, the fresh, seasonal and hearty food will sustain you through the process.

1751 Ensley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5328
(310) 552-1080
Cross Street: Santa Monica Boulevard


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