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LINK: Food Blogs I Like

It seems like I am constantly stumbling across more and more food blogs. It makes it really hard for me to do things like work, and write my own food blog. Thank goodness for RSS readers, which help me manage my food blog reading time. Here are some food blogs recently added to my regular reads:

Sweetnick's: If you are a food blog reader, this one probably needs no introduction by me. Sweetnick's is already a very popular food blog, and I've heard quite a lot about it, but for some reason, didn't have it on my regular route. Well, now I do.

One of Cate's regular features is a blog event called "I'll Show You Mine, If You'll Show Me Yours" in which bloggers take pictures of whatever is called for ... event number one was the inside of your fridge, and event number two was your spice rack. Event number three will be your recipe file. It's really interesting to see these little parts of other people's food lives, especially since the pictures range over many different countries.

Shuna Fish Lydon: Second is a blog I was very excited to discover. Shuna Fish Lydon is a pastry chef who has worked at French Laundry, Citizen Cake, and Gramercy Tavern. As you can see, she has excellent credentials and resides in the Bay Area. It's always fascinating to read a chef's blog, although I get jealous when she posts about the cooking classes she is running that I cannot participate in. :(


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