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This is not a food blog, but a bit of nepotism. My cousin is in Oxford right now and has started a blog about her adventures there. In sonnet form, no less.

She is a super-genius, you guys. She is smarter than I am, and I don't say that often, because I like to think I am smarter than pretty much everyone, except for maybe Einstein and Thomas Pynchon and my husband. Not only that, but she looks like a supermodel and is getting her MBA. In other words, she should totally go on The Apprentice. She even kind of looks like Ivanka, so I know she would win. And you totally want to marry her now. I'll accept your offers, but can't guarantee anything.

So go to her blog: TAE.


Wow... thanks for the link and all the nice commentary. And my mom thanks you for trying to pimp me out. Your blog is very interesting, but it is making me hungry and you have to spend a lot of money to get good food around here...

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