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MEME: Five Alive!

Well, shoot! I done been tagged. So, let's play!

Five items in the freezer.
1. A buttload of Mashti Malone's ice cream/sorbet in all different flavors.
2. A bag of bagels.
3. A bag of crushed ice.
4. Regular cube ice
5. Assorted frozen foodstuffs in boxes

Five items in my closet.

All I have in my real closet is clothes and shoes. Boring! So let's look in the junk closet, shall we?

1. My "Laura Palmer" Halloween costume from last year, which I never got to wear, so I'm saving it for this year, unless I think of something cooler.
2. Lots of coats.
3. All of the shameful board games received as gifts and not played yet. (Example: Big Brother: The Game)
4. CDs to sell to Amoeba
5. Lots of purses.

Five items in my car.
1. Thomas Guide
2. The Sol Mate yerba mate soda I got from Whole Foods and accidently left in my cup holder. Oops!
3. A flyer from some kabbalah person.
4. Various parking stubs from the downtown courthouse.
5. All kinds of survival stuff, so I can live when the apocalypse comes, or my car breaks down in b***f*** nowhere.

Five items in my wallet.
1. Dollars.
2. Change.
3. Credit/ATM Cards
4. Referral card for fabulous wonderful little hairdresser, in case anyone needs a cut or color.
5. Various other cards and receipts.

Five people I tag for this meme:

I don't know that any of my friends will do this, but I am tagging you guys anyway! HA! What are you going to do about THAT?

1. Z.
2. Jeremy
3. GW
4. Milla
5. Acme
6. Anyone who was not tagged, but wants to take part.

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