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MISC.: Happy Birthday to Me!

Everybody thinks that their pet is the cutest and the smartest. But does YOUR dog get you a birthday present? And even if he does, does he wrap it HIMSELF?

"KT Treat"

"Birthday By Buster"

I didn't think so.

I think we know whose dog is really the cutest and smartest.


what was it??

happy birthday!

said by Anyanka at 11:11 AM Delete

I don't know yet! J. went to bed before midnight so I can't open my presents till I get home from work today. I can't imagine! Where do dogs shop?

said by KT at 11:17 AM Delete

I hope they shop at Sur La table or Williams Sonoma!

Happy Birthday!

said by Sam at 11:34 AM Delete

Me too! I'm pretty sure I saw a dog at Sur La Table before, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

said by KT at 11:38 AM Delete

I was going to leave a terrible pun but it escaped me. Maybe the Jeremiad can pitch in?

said by Anyanka at 12:50 PM Delete

Happy belated birthday! My dog (also named Buster!) has only ever given me a card, I'll have to get on him about that.

I've just discovered your blog, thanks to s'cool, and it's very nice!

said by Marianne at 5:43 PM Delete

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

I have learned that my dog shops at the Alton Brown website. Which makes sense, because he lays on the couch with me every time I watch 'Good Eats' and he must have heard me say how much I would love one of those salt cellars a million times.

Good dog! Maybe I can have him give a talk to your dog, maybe take him shopping!

said by KT at 10:33 PM Delete

I have a scented soy candle site and was suprised to find your site and it has given me some good ideas for mine, cool. :)

said by superclosetnerd at 1:12 PM Delete

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