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NEWS: More New Restaurants in my Neighborhood

Charcoal: We see almost all of our movies at the Arclight. There's no waiting in line, there are assigned seats that are cushy and all of them have a pretty good view, and there's a bar at the theater. What more can you want? So, I'm always on the lookout for new restaurants in the area. You can only eat at Fabiolus and the Hungry Cat so many times. Magnolia ... is just okay, and is trendy and pricy. Bowery is good but not great.

In August or early September, Adolfo Suaya and Michael Sutton, of Gaucho Grill, will open Charcoal in the Arclight complex. It's going to be a mesquite grill serving American comfort food, like baby back ribs, steak and seafood. There will be a bar serving cocktails as well.

Sounds like another uber-Hollywood type place ... I might have to wait for the next Hungry Cat to come around.

Eat Well: A new branch of Eat Well is now open on Beverly Blvd. in the old Cafe Tartine space. I think it will do well there, since we can't seem to get enough breakfast places around here. Eat Well serves good old fashioned coffee shop breakfast standards. I want to try this out for my next brunching adventure. Perhaps as early as tomorrow!


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