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Is there anything better than weekend brunch? Especially when the weather is nice and you can sit outside? The only thing better is a WEEKDAY brunch, when you're on holiday and instead of being stressed at work, you are relaxing and enjoying a late breakfast in the sun, and when you are done, the waiter offers you a beer. At 11:00! On a Monday! And you could totally have one, if you wanted to!

A new location of Eat Well opened recently in the old Cafe Tartine spot. Cafe Tartine was okay, but it was a lunch place and that location just isn't great for lunch spots. Plus, while they prided themselves on Fed Exing bread from France, I had to wonder why you would do that when La Brea Bakery is about a minute away.

Eat Well is a diner style breakfast place with some healthier options. They also serve lunch and dinner.

J. opted for the French toast combo, pictured above. The eggs were fluffy, the bacon crispy and the French toast looked pretty good.

I looked at the menu and they had so many sides! That is lethal to me ... I love side dishes. I created my own breakfast out of a bunch of sides. I got bacon, a bagel, and a fruit bowl. I know, boring, sorry. It's what I wanted. The fruit bowl was your standard melons and berries, but it was fresh and good and a good size, not too big and not too small. I actually ate it all, which I don't always do. The bagel was a little bit too toasted, but other than that was your average bagel. I love bagels so I don't need them to be great, just to exist. And the bacon was very good as well, not too thin, not too much fat, nice and salty.

This would be a great place to take your dog to breakfast or lunch, and when the weather's nice it's great to sit outside and relax and watch people go by. I'm glad that something with more meal options moved into this space, because I like the space, but only ended up going to Cafe Tartine once.

Oh and lots of pretty boys, if you're into that kind of thing. I'm not, of course--just making the observation for my readers. It's part of my job as a good blogger that I have to stare at pretty boys and see if they are pretty enough to mention.

*sigh* I would actually like to be sitting outside and having a leisurely brunch right now, rather than sitting here reading trusts and writing petitions. It sounds so much nicer.

Eat Well
7385 Beverly Blvd at Martel
(323) 938-1300


I've been three times now (I live really close by) and think they really need to get into their groove before I go back...the food was pretty bad (Frozen bagle anyone? Soggy chorizo? I think they microwaved it) and the service worse...I love the other locations, so I have faith...and you are right, the boys sure are

said by Rachael at 3:58 PM Delete

LOVE Eat Well on Santa Monica Blvd. Do attractive boys go there? Hhhmmm...I never noticed that.

II might have to try the new location too for new I mean.

said by Acme Instant Food at 4:46 PM Delete

rachael: sounds like they have some kinks to work out, all right. If only we could have combined my burned bagel with your frozen one! But the service was very good when I was there ... maybe because it wasn't busy. Our waiter was very nice and attentive.

You are practically my neighbor, I think!

Acme: I have walked by the Santa Monica location with the intention of someday eating there, so I can't compare the beauty of the eaters, but there was certainly some hotness at this one while I was there. I might have to go back though, just to make sure. ;)

said by KT at 4:53 PM Delete

My husband has come to understand that the cute-boy-noticing is part of my job as a food writer. It's very important!

said by Marianne at 5:48 PM Delete

It is! Perhaps while my dog takes your dog shopping, your husband can explain that to mine.

said by KT at 10:35 PM Delete

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