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Ciao!-Guten Tag!

I am typing to you now on a German computer on German-style Ich spreche kein deutsche, so it's kind of slow going. The "z" and the "y" are switched on the keyboard and zou--I mean you have no idea how disruptive that is.

I never had time to post and say that I was leaving the country ... well, I did. I have just left Cinque Terre (Paradiso) and am now in Germany for a wedding. In a few days I will be back and I have many lovely pictures of Italian foodstuffs to post .... probably commencing Tuesday.



Julieanne and I stayed in Cinque Terre as part of our honeymoon, all I have to say is PESTO!!!!!!!!!!! I love that fucking place, even the one town that's really small and you have to hike way up hill from the train station to get to it, we had the best gelato there

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Welcome back! We missed you. And Buster, too. Hope today wasn't too brutal of a reentry. N. is staying home tomorrow, but no longer contagious, so feel free to come around...observe...tell visual/verbal tales of delightful culinary (and other) adventures...

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