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LINK: Tableau Vivante

Today I discovered a new food blog--Tableau Vivante. So far, T.V. has posted some incredibly delicious sounding recipes, and some farmer's market-related posts (one of my favorite subjects). By way of introduction to the blog, T.V. says:

"[info]tableauvivante is an informal journal of one person's exploration of the intersections of food, culture, domesticity, and art.

Expectations of genius and insight will probably not serve you well here. But a decent sense of humor and an appreciation for experimentation, and all its traps and missteps, is appreciated. Julia Child broadcasted hers on public television. We hope to honor her example. Repeatedly."

Check it. It looks good to me so far. Hello, posts about farmer's markets? And my new favorite grapes? And delicious recipes. I am there. You should be too ...



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