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MISC: Blog Day 2006

I HEART my blog friends!
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So apparently, today is Blog Day 2006, which means that you tell some other bloggers how awesome you think they are. I LOVE that. I love it when people tell me I am awesome! In gratitude for being told I am awesome, I will in turn pay it forward and tell some other people that they are awesome.

First, thank you to Garrett, who gave me some props. Garrett's blog is one of my regular stops, and he lives in the Sacramento area, which is a place I hope to avoid as much as possible, so you know his blog is totally good if I still enjoy reading about restaurants I will most likely never set foot in.

I'm not counting that as one of my blog day things, because this is about paying it forward, not about tagbacks and tea parties. So I will now list as Garrett so eloquently put it: "five blogs that I love to read on a daily basis and/or have recently discovered and have become my own electronic, literary cocaine." Now, I read a buttload of blogs, so here are some rules:

(1) I am not listing anyone I have already given a whole post to in my blog, because I've already done it.

(2) I am trying to list people who represent different aspects of my blog reading day so that I am well rounded.

(3) I am trying not to list bloggers who are already super-famous, unless there's a really good reason for it.

Okay, so:

1. The Delicious Life: Sarah is already pretty famous, so she doesn't need my props. However, I need to list Sarah, because The Delicious Life is the very first food blog I began to read regularly. Before I read Sarah's blog, I didn't really understand the world of food blogging. I lurked around Chowhound, and I did check out Pat Saperstein's blog, but thought of it as more of an L.A. blog than a food blog. But then I started following links from Sarah's blog and it was like ... "oh, yeah, this is the kind of blog *I* want!" And then my baby here was born.

2. Lack of Scienter: This is not a food blog, but it's very important to me. You see, last summer, I was taking the bar exam. GG was taking it as well, and she blogged about the experience. Now, at this time, my days were spent at bar review, then work, then studying at home. I barely saw anyone and I felt very isolated. GG and the rest of the bar exam blogging community were what kept me sane. It was good to know that there were people who shared my fears, and my amusement, and my disgust at certain things. Now GG is a first year associate at a medium/large corporate firm and I am a first year associate at a tiny trusts/estate planning firm. Our jobs couldn't be any more different, and yet her blog still makes me happy to read, because I feel like there's someone out there having a common experience and that's always nice to know.

3. Jeremiad: This is my friend, and one-time boss Jeremy's blog. I liked Jeremy right away because he was interviewing me for a job and his first question was: "So ... what does your e-mail address mean?" That's my favorite job interview question ever. Anyway, Jeremy is a writer and a food enthusiast and he is not afraid to air his most ponderous thoughts on his blog, which makes for both entertaining and thought-provoking posts.

---to be continued. I have to go home from work now. (I know! But it's the end of the day ... I can totally have a minute to blog. Shut up.) I'm posting now so that something gets put up before blog day actually ends.

Okay, continuation time:

4. Acme Instant Food: I love Acme for not thinking I am insane. (Or maybe he does, but tolerates me anyway). Acme became my food blog friend, because I saw one of his comments on Sarah's blog and based on that, decided that he was swell. Then I went to read his blog and knew for sure that he was swell and I wrote him this shameless gushing comment on his blog and did a whole post about his blog ... and oh crap, I just broke one of my own rules. Oh well, I am not very good at rules, anyway. Anyway, I love his imaginative food creations and the cool ingredients he uses, some of which I have never even heard of until he tells me about them!

5. Eggs Bacon Chips & Beans and it's companion blog, A Good Place for a Cup of Tea and a Think: OMG I love these blogs. This is a bloke from England who, in the first blog reviews nondescript little workaday cafes that are so common in England. He always orders the same thing: eggs, bacon, chips and beans and reviews the place based on that and some other criteria, including condiments, chairs and tables, and decor. The companion blog details ... well, I think you can tell just by the title. Love it. I love England, and once, while living and working there and being very poor, I was quite a frequenter of these types of places. Hey, you try being a foodie when you've got like, 1 pound 20 in your pocket. It's hard! But you could go to one of these places and get freshly toasted toast for 20 p. anytime. Yum.


The best thing about the Jeremiad is the occasional picture of Prince Judah, of course . . .

Thanks for the shoutout KT -- I'm super tempted to to a reciprocal post on the ol' Jeremiad hyping your site and ThatBitchMilla and Zee and JennyK . . . alas, it's Labor Day Friday and I want to get the f-ck out of here ASAP! But I think all the people on my blogroll know I "heart" them.

said by Jeremy at 8:59 AM Delete

Wow, thanks KT. Happy blog day back at ya (a day late--that's me!).

I appreciate the kind words you've heaped on my blog. I was a little slow to the whole "blog day" thing. I've learned a lot from your spot in Blogville so there is much reciprocal praise. Happy Labor Day weekend to ya!

said by Acme Instant Food at 2:59 PM Delete

Aww ... thanks! Here's to hoping we both get heaps of new blogging material due to our fun labor day adventures.

said by KT at 3:00 PM Delete

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