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LINK: I'm Totally Famous

I promise I am going to start posting real posts up again very soon ... tonight, even. It's been an overwhelming several days, workwise and it's hard to get into "foodwriting mode."

So instead, I'm tiding you over with a link to Pat Saperstein's review of the Black Dahlia flavors at Scoops .

Why? Because there's a secret hidden shout out to me in it. In the picture of the Scoops flavor suggestions at the top of the review, you can see, smack dab in the center in my fantastic handwriting, the flavor suggestions that my friend and I came up with: French Toast, and Apple Brown Betty. You know that those would be good. And isn't Apple Brown Betty an awesome name, for anything? It deserves to have a gelato made out of it. It's only a hop skip and a jump from the "brown bread" flavor that Mr. Kim currently makes.

I feel like a little part of me will now live forever. My flavor suggestion is pictured on the internets.


Take it a step further. Make those two flavors yourself and then invite us over to taste!

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Come up with a good way to make "French Toast" flavor gelato and you're on. I could probably come up with apple brown betty on my own.

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