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MISC.: Delightful Blogs

Hey you guys ... there is a new, cute little directory out there called Delightful Blogs . It's a blog directory where each site is carefully reviewed before being added to make sure it is a legit blog with something to say. They describe themselves as looking for blogs that are "personal, passionate, and of course stylish!"

I hope that my blog is all of those things, and they seem to agree because they accepted it for inclusion. Anyway, if you have a blog and would like to include it, you can find instructions for how to submit here.

They also have a rating system where you can rate a blog you like. If you happen to like my blog (or if you happen to particularly dislike it), you can give Gastronomy 101 a rating here.

Anyway, just thought I'd give a shout out because (1) they accepted me and (2) I cannot resist the cuteness of their bird logo.



"done" and "done."

I gave you a 1 rating (KIDDING--you deserved and got a 10 ) :)

said by Acme Instant Food at 11:45 AM Delete

Aww ... thanks! Did you submit A.I.F. to it? I'll totally return the favor. Although, you really are getting a 1.

NO ... wait a minute ... I mean perfect 10, of course. If only for the revelation that one can acquire a little furry dude who will maintain your freezer for you.

said by KT at 4:41 PM Delete

I submitted it. We'll see if I meet their lofty standards. Pppffbbtbtbtt--doubtful!

said by Acme Instant Food at 9:05 PM Delete

Don't sell yourself short, amigo ... you have a wonderful blog!

said by KT at 9:54 PM Delete

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