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INFO: How to Infuse Vodka with Chocolate

As I post more and more, I find I am also getting more and more people coming here on internet searches for various things. A lot of the time, I can tell they found exactly what they were looking for: a review of BLD , say, or how to dry tomatoes.

But sometimes I can tell that they did not find what they were actually looking for, and that makes me sad. So I have decided that every now and then, when I see a keyword search on my stats that is something I can answer, I will go ahead and answer it, so that the next time someone comes looking, they will find what they are looking for.

This post's question is regarding how to infuse vodka with chocolate. I consulted the book "Infused," by Susan Elia MacNeal and Leigh Beisch. The answer turns out to be very simple: cocoa.

One cup of cocoa powder infused in a 750 ml bottle of vodka for 2 weeks to a month will get you a nice chocolate vodka. Once it's done infusing, strain twice, discarding any solids and then add simple syrup to taste. Pour it into a bottle and then age in a cool dark place for a month.

I imagine you could also use whole cocoa beans for this as well. Looking at recipes from Infused and the Food Network, it looks like you only need 4 or 5 cocoa beans and you can infuse them for about a week. Seems easier than the cocoa powder method.

I have been observing as my mixmaster husband creates his infused liquors and I have to say, it doesn't look that hard to come up with your own combinations. Then it's just a matter of experimenting and monitoring to find the out when the flavor is right.


I wonder if using something like cheesecloth or a teabag would eliminate or reduce the need to strain . . .

I think tiny bottles of custom infused booze would be awesome holiday gifts; just don't take them on airplanes.

Cilantro vodka for bloody marys seems like a good idea. Or fig-infused vodka (or maybe gin) -- stuff where you like the taste fine but hate the consistancy.

said by Jeremy at 9:49 AM Delete

yeah, definitely let me know what your genius husband has infused lately... i'll be right over.

said by French Toastie at 9:58 AM Delete

Jeremy: I think the cheesecloth would probably reduce the need for the strain, but it may also hinder the flavor from infusing? I think using the cocoa beans rather than cocoa powder would help.

French Toastie: Right now I think we're still finishing off our vanilla bourbon (makes a great Manhattan) but will let you know what the next experiment is. I would love for him to do either something herbal, like a lavender, or a honey infused would be yummy as well ...

said by KT at 11:40 AM Delete

vanilla bourbon? that sounds awesome. Screw the manhattan, pour me some over ice.

said by Jeremy at 12:16 PM Delete

mmm, vanilla bourbon...

lavendar vodka...

said by Anyanka at 6:17 PM Delete

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