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I have another restaurant review up at la.foodblogging. For my latest outing, I went to Cedar House Cafe in Valley Village to try out some Lebanese food.


want to go again tomorrow??

said by Anyanka at 6:51 PM Delete

Yeah, I would definitely go again tomorrow! Let me know ....

said by KT at 7:15 PM Delete

ok....have to come into office in morning but am "telecommuting" afterwards :)

said by Anyanka at 7:25 PM Delete

(Tried to comment on la.foodblogging, but kept getting "Error, this file can not be used on its own." Thought about diagnosing the issue, then realized it Sunday and I'm not at work.)

Nice one! I love little places like that. In Orange County, everything is spread out, so distance limits my lunch options.

I'm stuck there with you on skipping lunch, though. I actually hauled my old college mini-fridge and microwave to my office so I could get something to eat without interrupting my work.

- Chubbypanda

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