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MISC.: I'm Totally Not Stressed, Though ...

If you're wondering why I have not been posting faithfully every day lately, I think the only way I can get across what I am dealing with in my "real life" is to just show you by posting pictures of my office. Each file folder is a case I am working on. Each piece of paper belongs in some file folder, somewhere, that may or may not already be in my office:

I am hanging on by my last fingernail right now ... blog posts will pick up in pace when I get a better grip.


damn. I really should bring back an anonymous business-related blog. But now I'm "out".

Work is criz-azy for me right now too. But looking at your pics makes me feel a little better, because any amount of paper like that is so overwhelming to me . . . I sit in admiration of your talents.

said by Jeremy at 12:14 PM Delete

Ha! It's overwhelming to me too ... but I have an unfortunate talent for taking a monstrous snarl of paperwork and handing it back to you in neat little piles all tabbed and highlighted with a memo explaining what needs to happen.

What happens when you hate what you're talented at? How do you resolve that?

said by KT at 12:27 PM Delete

You win the lottery? You're also talented at a lot of things you don't hate. You hope that you become lucrative...

said by Anyanka at 2:33 PM Delete

Yep, that's about my plan right now. Hope that I become lucrative. Because I don't even have time to buy lottery tickets--they don't sell them at the gas station I like.

Sometimes when I am doing an organizing task like that, I think I should have been one of those people that organizes your closet and stuff because then I could at least look at people's stuff, which is something I like to do, if authorized. But I think I would hate that too. Plus, if my home is any indicator, I probably would not be as great at that as I think, regardless of what I can do to a pile of paper.

said by KT at 2:39 PM Delete

what's missing is a photo of you in these shots, hunched over your desk in a crisp white shirt, glasses dangling from your mouth.

at least that's how i imagine your lawyer life to be.

said by Milla at 3:00 PM Delete

Ha ha! That sounds so sophisticated. My shirt is neither crisp, nor white (hey, it's Friday!) and I don't where glasses. But the hunching part is spot on.

said by KT at 3:02 PM Delete

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