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MISC.: It's That Time of Year

I just looked at my calendar and it appears to be the middle of November already. It's approaching the holiday season and with that comes the necessity of eating a lot of food. In addition, I have certain other things going on, healthwise that make me think it would be a good thing right now to detox, take my vitamins, eat healthy, get exercise and sort of regulate myself so I can get a better handle on things

So it's time for me to go on a detoxing diet. This is pretty much the hardest thing I do all year. It sucks. No caffeine, no alchohol, no bread, no cheese. It really really really sucks. At the same time, I almost always come out of the other end feeling better. I will try not to be too boring and healthy with my posts, at the same time as I will try not to be too cranky and pissy. Just be glad you are not the person who has to live with me. (Sorry J.)

But maybe it will turn out that posts about soups and juices and vegan restaurants will be just as interesting as posts about other things. We will see. If you find it boring, I completely understand and you can feel free to come back around the first or second week of December when I return to not considering health so much as a factor in what I ingest for the sake of blogging about it.

Wish me luck. I don't really have the incredible amount of self-discipline required to do these kind of diets, or any kind of diet, really, but I have to try and force myself and remember that it is for my own good, as I am not getting any younger, but maybe I can get a bit healthier and perhaps a bit skinnier too.


Vegan Chinese Cuisine has thousands of years of tradition due to certain religious dietary constraints (ex. Buddhism). When I do my detox diet, which typically occurs around now as well, I usually go Chinese vegan. You might want to look into it.

- Chubbypanda

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Thanks for the suggestion! I actually have a diet plan that I usually follow, as it's worked well in the past, but any ways to spice it up and add variety are definitely appreciated. I feel lucky in that there are now at least three vegan restaurants within a mile of me, and a vegan-friendly market very close. SO at least it's not hard for me to get the ingredients, just hard to stick to the plan. *sigh*

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Dietary Detox - A Poem

They say a new life
begins here.

I say the old one
has to leave

see you in a week....all glowie and new!


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good luck and godspeed! there are many great (and blog-worthy!) detox meals to be had in L.A. - Hugo's, M Cafe, Julianno's Raw, etc. So don't fret... I'll keep reading ;)

and you'll feel so much better when you're done!

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What a great endeavor during the holiday season. No turkey for Thanksgiving! That is a challenge. Go bravely on to detox diet world. I should be going there too...."You must do the thing you think you cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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Thanks you guys! I shall do my best! Luckily for you, I have tried to save up some posts so that they're not all about steamed broccoli and stuff.

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Wow, you have my best wishes for support and encouragement. I occasionally do a detox thing but I wait for a boring time of year where there are no holidays and long weekends (I admit that I have week will power). The lovely thing is that once you get into the plan it usually isn't hard to keep the momentum going. I raise a glass of champagne to toast you (ooopps--sorry)! :) All the best.

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Double Oopps---that should be "weak" not "week."

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I am so excited to read about your detox and that you'll be posting it. I started a juice and clear liq. diet a couple days ago for the same purpose. I did indeed have very nice chinese food last night, which made me good dinner company and happy in my tum. Take care- looking forward to your posts!

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Ooh, a juice diet is hard! I only have to be reduced to the juice for a day or two. It's really hard to not have something to chew on.

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Word. Good luck with your first couple days. And thank you for your post today with the reading materials that I'll be checking out:)

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