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EVENT: Menu for Hope

Oh dear. Miss Erin has just reminded me that I have been remiss in my charitable duties! I have been meaning to say something about this, but life has been running me ragged lately and I have been remiss in pretty much all of my real life duties. Just ask the city parking department, the dog licensing bureau, all future recipients of my christmas cards, my birthday-having dad, and others.

But I would like to draw your attention to the Third Annual Menu for Hope event, sponsored by food bloggers everywhere to raise money for UN World Food Programme. Generous folks all over the culinary world have put out and donated fabulous prizes to be coveted. All you have to do is follow the donation instructions at the end of the post linked above. For each $10 you donate you will be entered into a raffle to win the prize of your specification. Prizes are also listed on the link above, and you can scroll over the plethora of thumbnail pictures above to see what they are.

This is an amazing opportunity and there are some great prizes. Miss Erin herself has donated a book that I have been eyeing for some time. I sadly, did not donate any fabulous prizes as the event coincided with a time in my life where I suddenly have roughly 300 times the normal amount of work to do. However, I plan to try for one of those faboo prizes, and I would encourage everyone to at least give a tenner.

And for anyone out there who may be a person that is purchasing me a holiday gift, but is frustrated at my refusal to specify things that I want, this would actually be something I would like very much, if you would simply donate some $$ to this event in lieu of any material gift to me.

And if anyone wants to donate $1 billion in my name to ensure that I win tea with Harold McGee in San Francisco, that would be just fabulous. Or, the handsome husband and I are planning on Tokyo next year and I notice there is a Tokyo Sake Bar tour, I'm sure another billion dollars would be nothing next to the joy in your heart of knowing what a great time we are having on our sake bar tour.


Thanks for posting this! The event has already raised nearly $6000--and we're only a day into it.

said by Erin S. at 6:58 AM Delete

Yes, kudos for the post. I should do the same. I actually wanted to participate in this but, somehow, time flew past faster than Nicole Ritchie on the 134 fwy. Sigh.

said by Acme Instant Food at 9:21 AM Delete

i plan to bid for the dinner at Manressa! Pim's boy, the chef, is the bomb.

said by Garrett at 9:54 AM Delete

I believe it! Sadly, I don't believe I will be in the area any time soon, but I will get my ass up to the city for Harold McGee with a quickness.

said by Anonymous at 10:02 AM Delete

I plan to!

said by Anyanka at 10:45 PM Delete

gimme some codes...there are too many to choose from!

said by Anyanka at 12:19 AM Delete

Well, they recently added:

UE20: Dinner and wine for 4 at Mozza

Here's what J and I have picked:

UW01: Dinner at Manresa
UC10: Day stage + dinner at Alinea
UW03: Tea with Harold McGee
UE05: Rogue Creamery 70th anniversary collection of cheeses
WB11: Tokyo Sake Bar Tour

That should narrow it down a bit for you! If you scroll over all the thumbnails with your mouse, it will give you the code and a line about what the prize is too.

said by Anonymous at 6:55 AM Delete

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