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LINKS: Eater LA & Side Order of Ham

In all of the holiday hullaballoo, I have not mentioned one or two websites that have pinged my radar lately.

The first is Eater L.A. , a new venture from the group of sites. Eater LA is a new blog that covers the restaurant and bar scene in Los Angeles and so far it has proven to be a pretty valuable resource for what's going on, eating and drinking-wise, in L.A. Since I first checked it out, I have gotten hooked and a part of my regular evening routine now is to update myself on all the entries and report to my husband any important information that we need to know.

The second is a new group blog called Side Order of Ham--A Feeding Friendzy, in which friends in several different locations blog about food. Most of the entries are by one Steen, a Los Angeles local who can have all of my oysters and sushi in exchange for all of her cilantro and alcohol. She's got some mouthwatering recipes and food experiments posted and a jealousy inducing rundown of her Christmas loot.

Please go read these while I recover from my supposedly relaxing holiday week, and the gallon of champagne and barrels full of cheese, snacks and cookies consumed last night, and try to work up the many posts I have planned for the near future about artisanal olive oil, Christmas biscuits, local products, foodie news, and spices.

And ... HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all of my lovely friends and family.


happy new year!!!

by the way, what is with the term "foodie"? i didn't know there was such controversy with the term until i read the comments on The Delicious Life...

said by Zee at 10:29 PM Delete

Happy new year!

I think that the term "foodie" is not loved because people who call themselves foodies are often really snobby and annoying, and on the other hand, people who call other people foodies are often saying it condescendingly.

It also is kind of a dumb word.

Unfortunately, it's sort of there in my brain so I think it will still come out. I don't think I would ever call myself a "foodie," but I guess I use it to refer to subjects a food loving person might be interested in.

Maybe I should really be saying "foody?"

I don't know.

said by KT at 11:27 PM Delete

Happy New Year to you KT. Thanks for the LA Eater link. That looks like another great excuse to waste time at my desk.

said by Acme Instant Food at 3:52 PM Delete

I always just say "I like to eat." Feel free to extrapolate.

Happy New Year, K.T.G.

said by Jeremy at 12:01 PM Delete

Happy new year, sweetness ... I hope it's a wonderful year for you and H. and especially Judah.

said by KT at 12:05 PM Delete

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