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MISC: Maybe Christmas DOES Come From a Store

I'm such a sucker. I have been amazingly overwhelmed lately. My boss is out of town and I suddenly find myself with my very own law practice. I have tons of work to do, and then my phone rings every two minutes with people asking me questions I can't possibly answer and the work doesn't get done. And then on top of that I STILL do things like take an hour and a half long lunch on Friday and then come back and it's someone's birthday so I sit and hang out with him and talk crap and drink a beer and next thing I know it's 4:30 and I haven't done anything since lunch. And so, I have to spend my Saturday doing someone's estate plan instead of relaxing. And Sunday. Yippee!

And then Christmas is coming and I have to get presents and wrap them and figure out how I am going to get all of them to the places they need to go. And I myself am having no christmas this year. Which in many ways is a relief, and in other ways is kind of sad.

So all in all I've been a bit stressed/overwhelmed/bitter/Grinch-y these days.

But today, I went to the market to pick up vegetables for lunch, in anticipation of my holiday dinner for husband's company at Il Grano tonight (more on that in a later post). I decided to make it a salad for lunch so I didn't have to feel too guilty about the major eating I was about to do. So I walked into the store and picked out some endive, and some curly endive, and some radishes and some satsumas all while dodging various people trying to offer me raw food and vegan cakes and some rollerskating lady with some diet who's like "I'm 62 and I look fabulous!" Which is correct, but I also don't care. And it dawned on me that some sort of extravaganza was happening. But that happens at my store almost every weekend so I kind of ignored it.

But then, after I checked out, and was about to leave, this Santa Clause in sunglasses suddenly swooped down on me and was like, "Ho ho ho! Thank you for shopping with us and making it a great year!" And he gave me a present! (pictured above).

And after all these years, getting a present from Santa still has some sort of magic power. Because I walked home with this damn grin on my face, and all the time I was kind of thinking "What the hell?" But I couldn't stop smiling.

So thank you Santa, for the oxygen water, and the vegan cookie and the electrolyte drink and the immune system and anti-inflammation supplements, and the castile soap and the fish spice rub. And my dog thanks you for his healthy heart chicken breast jerky chew thing. He's never gotten a present from Santa before, so he's pretty stoked.


perhaps santa was out of presents by the time i got to the store because i DID see santa, but he didn't hand me anything. now i feel sad. those vegan cookies are good.

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