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MISC.: Pause for Station Identification

Okay, this whole "Christmas" thing has really been kicking my butt. This year my family appears to be scattered across the globe for Christmas and so not only do I have to procure various gift items for them, and in the case of certain husbands, gift and birthday items, but I have to try to get them all to the correct location at the correct time.

And then there are the obligatory holiday parties and the obligatory "full time job." So I am going to guess that I'm not going to get the posts up this week that I had planned. However, I am taking the entire week off next week and one of the activities on my schedule is many blog posts. So please stay tuned.


I feel your pain (and am also taking next week off). I bet that I don't get a single entry posted!

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P.S. Oh yeah, I forgot:


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That Santa has a serial killer look in his eye.

said by Garrett at 8:24 AM Delete

I know! I picked it because it was the perfect representation of how I feel about Christmas this year.

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Merry Christmas!

- Chubbypanda

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