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LINKS: Food Porn LA and I Hate Mayo

Recently, there was an article by Amy Scattergood in the Los Angeles Times about local food blogs. It was a good article, focused mainly on buzzworthy blogs The Knife and Eater LA. But included with the article was a sidebar of other local food blogs with a blurb on what they are about. Many of them were regular reads of mine, but some were new to me. Yay! More blogs that I do not have time to read!

One blurb caught my eye, proclaiming of Food Porn L.A.: "Launched in November, this is a photo-driven blog featuring commentary such as doughnut poetry and bacon-buying rants."

Doughnut poetry? Bacon-buying rants? Very intriguing. So I went to read it only to discover that I know the fabulous female behind this blog, and that said bacon (of ranting fame) was, along with it's blogger, a guest at my holiday brunch. I guess it was only a matter of time before I found myself in a room with another food blogger.

But wait! I had not one food blogging holiday guest, but two! Food Porn's lovely boy also has his own blog, called I Hate Mayo, wherein you can find accounts of cooking adventures that are entertaining and a wealth of information. This mayo-hater has mad cooking skills and is far more advanced than I am.

Hurray for food blogging friends!


So funny! I discovered "I Hate Mayo" just yesterday. As a staunch mayo hater I am required to LOVE them!

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Such a small world, even in sprawled out LA. And we even live close to you, how weird is that? Do you think Buster will want to make Pici for all of us?

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