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MISC.: This is What Happens When You Spend Too Much Time at a Computer

I don't have time for as much blogging right now as I would like. Everything's been crazy at work. The problem with specializing in issues affecting the elderly is that many of your clients are about to die, and that lends a certain urgency to your work that can't be blown off easily at all. There is no more final or urgent deadline than that.

In addition, I also have a co-worker who forwards me every forwarded e-mail that she receives and she receives a lot. As a consequence I end up reading a lot of forwarded e-mails because I just need a break and that's the quickest way to take it. Most of the time they are some sort of hoax or misinformation that I need to debunk and the rest of the time they are some sort of tired joke. But--okay--in the standard list of so-called funny epigrams I just received, I have to admit that this one made me laugh:

"Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken there? I'm going to eat the next thing that comes out of its butt."

I'm guessing that it was a rudimentary predecessor to Eddie Lin. Whoever they were, they are my friend, because omelets rule. And you would never catch me being the first person to eat something that came out of someone's butt.

(Please no e-mails about the anatomy of chickens. I KNOW that's not really their butt.)

PS: "Butt" is an awesome word.

PPS: I need a vacation.


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