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MEME: Five Things You Don't Know About Me

Hmm. I have been tagged by Chubbypanda to tell y'all five things about myself that you may not know.

And with an intro like this: "Litigating defender of the elderly by day, passionate food enthusiast and student of Oenology by night. I'm dying to read more about this sexy LA lawyer and food blogger," how could I refuse him? Although I will say, without counting it as one of my five, that it is a rare day when you would find me litigating anything, as I'd rather eat glass than go to trial. I'm more of the less-sexy document-drafting, researching, and petition-filing defender of the elderly. Not as exciting but I will take it.

So, here are my five things. I will do two food related and three non-food related, assuming I can think of things that I haven't blabbed about already that I don't mind sharing with the internets.

Two Food Things:

1. Up until very recently, like maybe a year and a half ago, I rarely cooked for myself. Every once in a while, on a special occasion, I would prepare a meal from scratch. Other than that, I had three things in my repertoire:

a. Omelette, which I learned how to make in high school nutrition class, and I'm a total pro at it.

b. Pasta, which I thought was self-explanatory until one time in college when I came into the kitchen and found my roommate throwing dry pasta into cold water and then turning on the heat. Aaaahhhh!!

c. Chicken breast, cut into strips and stir fried or sauteed with some other stuff. This was my go-to meal for cooking dinner from scratch since living on my own. It requires very little skill, very little knowledge, very little equipment and very little space. You can just buy whatever's looking good at the store and put it together with no particular effort.

2. My love of fine dining started when I was a tiny little teenager. I had a friend who had an absentee father, and the family lived on his credit card, which he would pay off every month. So every time the credit card had just been paid off and they could start spending again, my friend and I would go out to all of the best restaurants in town and treat ourselves to gourmet dinners and decadent food like caviar and escargot, just so we could try it. While other kids were going to the hot dog or hamburger place for lunch, we were going to a little cafe and getting twice baked potatoes and wood roasted chicken. This was the beginning of a long career of going out to eat that I don't really ever see ending.

Non-Food Things:

Okay, this one is hard. Let's see ....

3. Ways that you know I am a big nerd: I have only won one trophy ever, and it was for a spelling bee. I have won one medal and it was for computer sciences. I was president of the drama club in high school. When I was a kid, instead of having a crush on Tom Cruise, I had a crush on David Bowie in the movie "Labyrinth." I have a blog.

4. Before being a lawyer, I have been a copy editor, a clerk in a book store, sales coordinator at a record label, staff writer at a newspaper, a temp at the BBC and various other places around London, sandwich maker at a deli, security in a college dorm, butt-picker of fireflies at a science lab, office help at a doctor's office, camp counselor at a sports camp, babysitter, and cleaning lady. I feel my wide range of skills should qualify me to do just about anything now, so if you have some eclectic and highly paid job, let me know! I'm not averse to changing careers abruptly once again. It's how I keep myself on my toes.

5. In a month and a half, I will have been married to my marvelous husband for five years. Before I met him I was engaged to someone else for two years but was pretty sure I would never get married (then why did I get engaged in the first place? that's a good question). Before that I had no boyfriends whatsoever due to some rather large commitment issues and the fact that I spent most of my prime boyfriend and dating years with a protective layer of gay friends or asexual virgins to make sure that no prospective boyfriends could penetrate my carefully crafted defenses. Oddly enough, I have no regrets, since I seem to have turned out normal in the end.

So that's probably way more than you ever wanted to know about me. It's a little more than I want to know. Now the thing I am supposed to do is tag someone for this meme.

I'm not sure who likes doing these things and who doesn't, so I tag everyone who reads my blog while this post is still the top post. Tell me your five things in my comments, or do a post on your blog and link to it in my comments.


KT, love it! I swooned when reading about your bebe days eating foie gras! I'm ashamed to say (and I can't believe I'm admitting this to gentle readers of food blogs) I was the complete opposite- my parents always took us to nice restaurants and I brought in McDonalds (the shame!!) Am also very impressed that you won the spelling bee, it was always a dream of mine. David Bowie, especially in Labrynith, is the ultimate fantasy for men and women alike.

Reading all of your past jobs makes me feel better about finding something better. We could always start a jazz band.

You and J make a lovely couple. Let's play Balderdash soon!

said by furry_feline at 8:50 PM Delete

I should like to add five more things about KT
If she doesn’t want these things know, she’d better get
In here quick and delete this part

1. She is highly (feline) the point of hospitalization...and yet, she once co-owned the world’s largest cat (with the person to which she was engaged but never planned to marry)

2. She could read at the age of three... Real books and magazines...not baby, monosyllabic stuff.

3. She is seriously ambidextrous. She uses her left.

4. Her middle name is a combination of the French and Russian word for ‘yes’.

5. She gave a stunningly beautiful eulogy as a twenty year old at her beloved Granny’s funeral. .

said by madame x at 10:47 AM Delete

ditto on the david bowie in labyrinth. I had a copy on vhs as a kid and watched it a zillion times. Though I've outgrown the movie, I retain my love for David Bowie--saw him in concert a few years ago and he was surprisingly sexy.

said by Erin S. at 11:12 AM Delete

Very interesting stuff. Fight that good fight!

said by Chubbypanda at 12:20 PM Delete

furry_feline: We are definitely having a game night soon! And we will try to brainstorm some get-rich-quick schemes while we are at it!

madame xWow, those extra five things make me sound so smart! I'll leave them ...

erin: I know! David Bowie is STILL handsome! I think he's an alien for real, or a vampire perhaps. I'm glad to know that my love is shared.

said by KT at 1:50 PM Delete

You are so smart.....
to the extreme...
except for the part about owning a jumbo cat that could cause your lungs to constrict into airtight submarines:)

said by madame x at 3:11 PM Delete

KT, I had no idea you co-owned the world's largest cat! Larger than 13 lbs?? The other 5 things Madame X said were lovely. You can read!

said by furry_feline at 2:10 AM Delete

I wanna do it!@! Did I miss me window?

I totally echo this (though I've changed one word:

"Oddly enough, I have no regrets, since I seem to have turned out happy in the end."

said by Jeremy at 4:05 PM Delete

Yes! DO it!

said by KT at 4:09 PM Delete

Done! go here if you care.

said by Jeremy at 11:01 AM Delete

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