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NEWS: Tastevin! or I Heart You, Stephen Asprinio

This is the second of two posts dedicated to Jeremy, also known as the SFist Top Chef recapper. While many people, including Jeremy himself, may not share my opinion, I *heart* Stephen Asprinio, one-time Top Chef contestant! I mean, just look at him! He is a masterpiece. One part regular guy, one part troll doll, 71 parts arrogant snob, 16 parts talking way too much, and 11 parts plate artistry. He is beautiful and terrible. How can you not be fascinated by that?

Anyway, Stephen is coming to Los Angeles! Eater L.A. and Slashfood report that he will be opening a wine shop in downtown L.A. this summer. Called Tastevin, it's a wine boutique aimed at young hipsters who are developing their wine tastebuds and want a place to go that is cool and affordable. It's going to have one of those "wine on tap" systems so you can sample any or all of the store's wares.

So I'm older than the type of customer young Stephen really wants, but I look really young, so I think I can make an undercover visit when it opens. In fact, I am making it a priority.

Maybe Stephen will be there! Stephen, if you are googling yourself, invite me over! I am an awesome drinking companion. And make some pretty plates of food. No smears, please.


Dude, your triemthyldioxypurist LOVES Stephen.

At first, I loved to hate him, then I loved to watch him in the sense one loves a grand villain (a la Darth Vader) -- I cringed when he decimated other Top Chef-testants in Quickfire challenges and the like with his superb plating skills.

Then, as the show went on, I didn't just love to hate him, on a paralell level I also loved to love him. Especially after he apologized to Candice in that season review episode.

Is he arrogant? Sure . . . but, shit, I don't have to work with him. Everything I've read makes him seem like a hell of a talent.

In other words, I am jealous of your pending proximity to him and I agree.

PS -- As I said in many reviews, nobody from Season Two could shine Stephen's shoes (tie his tie?).

said by Jeremy at 9:47 AM Delete

I haven't watched the show, but, let me say that it takes a charismatic guy to hold a dead fish in his hand and come off looking so composed and respectful.

I love the idea of the wine shop too. Is 37 too old? Can I go if I pose as your limo driver? Oh wait, then I can't drink! Oh yeah, I won't really be the limo driver (just pretending). This is too complicated. I need some wine now.

said by Acme Instant Food at 9:51 AM Delete

Jeremy: I knew it! I knew he was infectious. Come down for a wine tasting!

Acme: I think you can still go if you dress really cute. A limo driver outfit qualifies. Is it wrong that I too want some wine now, at 10 a.m.?

said by KT at 10:01 AM Delete

I would be interested in that report.

said by Chubbypanda at 12:48 PM Delete

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