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NEWS: Where to Get Yummy Valentine's Treats

All right ladies and gents, it's time to get your Valentine on. I know that many people out there hate this holiday and I admit that I can see its downside. After all, forced presents aren't that much fun. But I cannot entirely hate a holiday where you get candy as a matter of course. And it always functioned as a great excuse to make some dude take me out to dinner.

And I must admit that all my bad valentine's days are far off in the distance now, and they've fortunately been getting better as I go along. Of course, I'm not much for grand shows of affection. I'm thrilled to get a card or flowers or something small and have a romantic evening at home with my man, so it doesn't take much to make my valentine's day great.

And at heart, I think most of us are just the same. We don't really need fireworks spelling out our name with a heart and mondo diamond rings and mounds of puppies and boomboxes outside our windows. We just want a something, anything in a cute little package and a kiss and a heartfelt look of love. We just want to be reminded that someone out there loves us. Because when you're going along on your day-to-day and life is doing its level best to kick your ass, sometimes you need that little reminder that there's someone there who's got your back. That you've got a teammate who is going to prop you up and pick up the slack when you're at the end of your rope. And that's why we have Valentine's Day. So that when you've worked a little too hard and it's all you can do to get through the day and get some food on your plate and then plop into bed, you still take a day out and turn to that familiar friend next to you and appreciate how good you have it, and make googly eyes and be stupid in love some more.

So I think everyone should get out there and get someone a Valentine's surprise. Don't wait around for someone to buy you flowers. Don't bow out because you don't have a special romantic someone. Some of my best Valentine's dates/gifts have been with or from friends. You don't have to "like-like" someone to appreciate them and remind them they are special.

So here are a few delicious Valentine's treats for whoever has been there for your lately. Show them some love:

BOULE has a plethora of gifty ideas, such as caramels, chocolates, heart-shaped korova cookies, pate fruit, and rose petal marshmallows.

FRITELLI'S Valentine's Day Special: Red Velvet Cake donuts!

JIN PATISSERIE offers a special six piece silk box of chocolates, featuring matcha, lavender, and other mysterious flavors.

SCOOPS GELATO: Take your special person out for gelato. I'm sure that Tai will concoct some special Valentine flavors and this is an automatic awesome date. Dare each other to try fig-wasabi (surprisingly good!) or pretend to get drunk on vanilla-malt-bourbon. Brainstorm some new flavors ... it'll be fun!

FAIR OAKS PHARMACY AND SODA FOUNTAIN: Want to be super cute? Take your Valentine's date to this old school sodie fountain and share a malt or a phosphate. Or perhaps an egg cream, or just an old-fashined shake. Make sure to do it the authentic way with two straws in one glass, and look into each other's eyes and ... ew. Okay, whatever, just have fun.

:If you're more of a homebody, and more of a do-it-yourselfer, consider picking up some organic chocolate of your choice and making Acme Instant Food's organic chocolate body paint and have an intriguingly messy night at home. It's romantic, economical, and delicious! And if you click on the link to get the recipe you get to look all you want at the exceedingly handsome chocolatier. Yum!

Whatever you do, I wish you all a happy day and not a bitter one. If you don't think anyone's going to do something special for you that day, don't mope and be depressed. Take the opportunity to do something for someone else, to show them someone cares. It'll make you just as happy as that bouquet of roses from your crush. I swear!


I LOVE Valentine's day! Who cares if it is a day of forced sentiments and such--any day you get to act goofy and express love to people is a good day. You ideas here are great. I'm sure your man will have an enjoyable day!

said by Acme Instant Food at 9:55 AM Delete

Just want to add an AMEN! to the Jin Patisserie nod. So scrumptious. My favorite place to go for tea.

said by Demery at 10:10 AM Delete

making your own chocolates is lots of fun -- albeit quite messy and mine always come out... humble-looking. -_-

said by H. C. at 10:46 AM Delete

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