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RECIPE: Whole Wheat Rigatoni with Walnut Pesto

There are different reasons why people start blogs. Some people are looking to promote a business. Some are looking to start a career. Some just have passion bubbling over for their subject. Some want to communicate or just express their thoughts.

And which group do I fall into? I fall into the other group. I have a blog because I have a gigantic ego. I love to talk about myself! I realize that often other people are not so much into listening to me babble on about myself. So I had to get another outlet. And trick people into reading it, I also talk about food!

But some people don't have to trick anyone, and they also really just want to talk about food. Some people are just really good at this, and it's nice to see good things come to them. Such is the case with one of the original food bloggers, Heidi Swanson. Heidi's blog is 101 Cookbooks, and you only have to take one look at it to understand that she is a pro to my amateur. Her pictures are out of this world and her blog looks like a real website and she wrangles up some interesting and creative recipes.

She was recently featured in Food and Wine magazine, along with some wholesome recipes from her book Super Natural Recipes, which, by the way I am thinking of looking more into since I am trying to keep on the healthy tip these days.

So I tried one out form the article. Technically, it was supposed to be Broken Lasagna with Walnut Pesto, but I couldn't find whole wheat lasagna and ended up making it with rigatoni instead. But everything else was the same. I loooove walnut pesto so I loooooved this recipe. And the whole wheat pasta went well with the nutty pesto.

So I can't take as lovely a picture as Heidi, but I can eat delicious food like her. And luckily for you, I had someone else to talk about today so you didn't have to read five paragraphs about the awesome new move I learned in kickboxing this morning. (HINT: It involves both an elbow to the groin and a backhanded punch to the face and is for when someone tries to grab you from behind and is RAD. My husband didn't think it was so rad when I practiced it on him. His opinion is that the punch to the face is overkill.)


Wow, you are turning into Jennifer Lopez in "Enough." I can feel your excitement over that groin kick (kinda scary).

Walnut pesto rocks. It's been ages since I've had any. Thanks for the new idea.

said by Acme Instant Food at 9:10 AM Delete

Okay, I'll admit that it's scary when I get excited over an elbow to the groin, but really ... is it any scarier than the fact that you just referenced Jennifer Lopez in "Enough."

I'm pretty proud to say I had to look that up to figure out what it was. Although now I kind of feel like I need to watch it. Damn you!

said by KT at 9:43 AM Delete

I know the move you're talking about! =)

I've been practicing martial arts since I was seven. I even taught a Women's Self Defense course at one point. Let me tell you, if you want to restrain someone, the last thing you should try to do is grab them from behind, by the wrist/arm, or by the throat. These three locations are the basic opening holds for a number of highly effective counters that can be executed by almost anyone with a decent amount of martial arts or self defense training. Only an idiot would try them.

said by Chubbypanda at 1:14 PM Delete

Hey don't give away the secrets! I don't want bad guys coming up with new special ways of grabbing me, thanks very much!

I'm impressed by your credentials, though. That's pretty bad-ass!

said by KT at 1:53 PM Delete

You are right!

*hanging head in deep shame*

said by Acme Instant Food at 6:28 PM Delete

Oh, that's who you remind me of...J. Lo. When she was a Fly Girl.

I totally need to see this move. I know a few people you can practice it on...

said by Anyanka at 7:06 PM Delete

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