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DELIVERY: Pink Pepper

I do a lot of blogging about things I make or places I've been. But what about those nights I am just too lazy? To lazy to cook and too lazy to leave the house? We all have those nights, so I thought it might be useful to talk about delivery every once in a while.

I would say that 97% of the time we get delivery, it's Thai food. We've been experimenting lately, because our once-standard place, Wild Orchid has gone and turned into a vegan cafe. The vegan cafe is actually pretty good, but it's not Thai food.

On a recent exhausted and lazy Friday night, we decided to try Pink Pepper, in Hollywood. I have eaten in the actual restaurant once, ages ago, but this was our first try at delivery. The food took an average amount of time to get to our place. Some delivery gets here faster, but this is one of the farther places we've ordered from as well. And we didn't sit there starving waiting for the food to come. Plus the delivery guy liked our dog and that always gives points in a restaurant's favor.

I ordered the Tom Kha Gai soup. I almost always get this and I've found it's different at different places. This one was a good balance of coconut to chile. It didn't burn me, but wasn't too sweet and creamy. I think I prefer the Tom Kha at Chao Krung, and I liked the old Wild Orchid soup best of all. (The new vegan cafe Tom Kha I didn't like at all). This one could have had a little more (edible) stuff in it. After a few pieces of chicken and mushroom, the rest was all lemongrass, ginger and bay leaf.

The coconut shrimp was gorgeous, but kind of "meh" in flavor. It wasn't crispy at all and was slightly bland. I enjoyed the crispy wontons, though and would probably get those instead, next time.

For dessert I ordered something I've always wanted to get: mango and sticky rice. Mangoes are great right now so it was perfect timing. I wasn't sure what to expect from the rice, but it was good - a mild, milky sweetness. This is a dessert to share--eating it by yourself is a little much.

So how does Pink Pepper rate? I think I'm still partial to Chao Krung. They're closer and still take equally long to deliver, but the food is just better all around, in my opinion. If you live in Hollywood, you could do worse for a dinner, but we probably won't be rushing to pick up this menu again, with all the Thai options we already have that are nearer.

Do you have a favorite Thai delivery place in the West Hollywood/Fairfax/Hollywood area? Let me know! I'm always looking to build my repertoire!

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