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NEWS: Pink Taco - Bastard L.A. Love Child; and New Yogurt Place - Can You Believe It?

Photo from Eater L.A.

The L.A. location of Pink Taco just opened in Century City. I don't think I can ever eat there due to the fact that the name makes me want to puke. I wouldn't go to a seafood place called The Bearded Clam either. I like restaurant names to remind me of things I actually LIKE to eat. Although granted, there's probably a significant portion of the population for whom that is actually the case in this instance.

Also, is it just me, or does the exterior look like Juicy Couture and Von Dutch got together and had a terrifying baby?

Dietberry: Also, in frozen yogurt news, since that seems to be the hot topic these days. A new one has popped up on Melrose, seemingly overnight. It's called Dietberry, and I thought as I drove by, that the sign said "Dietberry 44" so I'm wondering if they're going to claim their yogurt has roughly half the calories of Pinkberry's? Why not just eat air, then? I'll stick with gelato for now.


reminds me of that weird pizza chain in sf called "pizza orgazmica." they have pizzas called latin lover, menage a trois and doggie style. i've always been intrigued but have never ordered pizza from there. don't think i ever will either. i know food is sensual and i'm not a prude by any means but this just doesn't work for me. And did these idiots give any thought to the fact that they're eliminating a HUGE swath of their potential market, i.e. families, with this approach?

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pink taco sounds like the title to a bad themed porno...

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funny enough, I ate at the Vegas location last week when I was there for a bachelor party. (appropriate I guess). It's in the hard rock hotel. food was actually okay, though in los angeles you can do much, much better.

Oh, dhp -- I ate at Pizza orgasmica when I first moved to the city, and it ain't bad. Not worth a trip to the marina, but if you happen to be there, it was decent as of about a decade ago. I recall decent toppings. Certainly not worth eating if they make you feel oogie.

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