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EVENT: Great American Bake Sale

Share our Strength, an organization that works to end childhood hunger in America and the organization that put on the recent Taste of the Nation event, is bringing you a new way to contribute to the cause.

The Great American Bake Sale is a campaign to get people to host bake sales in their community to raise money to aid children at risk of hunger.

This is a way to contribute for those of us who may not have $100 to pay for a food festival, but may be rich in friends and neighbors who like to eat (and who doesn't, really?)

If you love to bake, or know people that do, please visit the Great American Bake Sale website for details on how you can organize your own bake sale, or how you can find a bake sale to attend, or even how you can contribute to someone else's bake sale.

To find out more about Share Our Strength, visit their website HERE.


It'll be a great day when schools have all the money they need and the military has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber.

had to post something, glickstein--didn't want your streak of 3+ comments to be broken. you NEVER get goose eggs..

said by dhp at 10:01 AM Delete

and how do you have 4,050 profile views?

said by dhp at 10:06 AM Delete

Thanx dude, I love comments! I have to admit that this most wasn't super interesting, just a good cause. I'm working on one now that I hope is fun-filled.

I'm not sure on the profile views - do I really have that many? I don't know why ... my profile's not that interesting. Maybe it's because I am so beautiful, people just want to stare at my little picture.

said by KT at 11:02 AM Delete

Are you having a bake sale? I went to the site and followed a few links and they didn't offer up any bake sales where I could contribute.

Time for a new post BTW.... lets get moving sister;D

said by madame x at 9:55 AM Delete

Hey KT,

Sorry no comments last month. I got married (yay!), my wife got laid off (boo!), and my company is downsizing (boo!). It's been hectic. Just wanted you to know I hadn't forgotten you.

said by Chubbypanda at 4:43 PM Delete

Madame X: Alas, I am not having a bake sale, but I will post the deets on one you can contribute to. And more posts coming after that ... with explanation re: no posting.

Chubby: YAY! Congratulations to you! On the wedding that is, not the layoff. I hope this means your wife gets to find her dream job! I missed ya!

said by KT at 4:49 PM Delete

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