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Yeah, I went. I didn't think it would be possible for a bit, but turns out that if you're up for an early dinner, it's not that hard to get a seat in the hottest new restaurant in town. Batali was not in the house, but Nancy was and that's good enough for me.

Read about my din-din on la.foodblogging. Sorry, no pix this time.


Oooh, you went! Jealous! The octopus makes me think of cinque terre.

I wish you were in Seattle so I could explore restaurants here with you. Not much else to do when the weather is so dismal. xo

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That sounds divine. I like your "Yeah, I hit that."

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Batali's cool. He was at LuLu's the day I got married. We had our post-ceremony luncheon there and I had to get a pic with him. He very pleasantly and politely obliged. I think he liked the attention actually.

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When you say 'Mario'.... I take it you're not talking about

cousin Mario



said by madame x at 8:14 PM Delete

No - this is a VERY different Mario!

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I'm so impressed. Not only because you went, and ate, but because J suggested it. If I asked AH to tell me what Osteria Mozza was, I think he might guess it is a bird. An Italian bird.

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Yes, my husband likes the restaurants. But even if he didn't I would just be like "let's go here" and drag him along. After all, he still needs to eat.

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