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EVENT: No Cookie Left Behind

All right, I know I am lacking in posting lately. Before I get to the good stuff, let me explain what's going on. A lot. The main reason is that I have been taking some classes. One of them required me to spend the last four Monday nights learning, and the other one is a journalism class and I have to do a lot of writing. Unfortunately, after spending the whole day at work and then coming home and writing fake news articles, it's hard to get it together to write blog posts too.

But do not worry readers, I am not abandoning the three of you! This is somehow fun for me, so I'm gonna keep posting as much as I can.

So remember my last post where I talked about the Great American Bake Sale? Well if all of you are as busy/lazy as me, you won't be able to have your own bake sale. So now I have one for you to go to.

Food blogger Tannaz of All Kinds of Yum and her friends are having a bake sale and hootenanny that they call No Cookie Left Behind.

No Cookie Left Behind will take place at my FAVORITE place in Los Angeles, Scoops. (Scoops is at 712 Heliotrope Ave., just north of Melrose, between Normandie and Vermont.) Delicious treats are promised, including maple vanilla granola, fleur de sel caramel cake, pumpkin cupcakes, vegan something cupcakes, lemon bars, Mexican chocolate rice crispie treats, Persian baklava, Barefoot Contessa coconut macaroons, and more. There will be live music as well, and of course the wondrous gelato creations of Tai Kim. And me! I am for sure heading over there.

Please come and help the hungry children and eat good treats. It will be fun!

Click on the picture below to see a flyer with the details and an e-mail to contact in case you are a baker and want to contribute.


Hi Katie! Thanks for the link... I made my donation and gave them a blurb on my post today...


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Cute banner. We're doing quite a few bake sales up north here too.

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