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Argh, as it says in the post I am about to link to, I have been frantically working to finish all my projects at work, as Friday was my last day, and I was sick last week on top of that.

I am a bad blogger.

However, unless someone has a fantastic job they want to offer me right now (I'm open to all offers), I should have a little more free time for a while and so maybe I can do some blog posts!

To kick off the hopefully upcoming blogstravaganza, here is my write up on the useful and sometimes lifesaving service at on la.foodblogging.


Awww... I know what you mean. I was on vacation for a week and didn't post anything the entire time. The guilt! The guilt!

Each time I promise myself it will be different...

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"as Friday was my last day"


what what what????

said by madame x at 2:16 PM Delete

Yeah ... ask my mom. I'm still sort of working there, but also doing some freelance writing work and deciding what I am going to do next!

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