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FOOD SECTION: 1/2/08 - Beer, Ramen, and Pizza Cutters

In addition to doing more Los Angeles-related posts, in order to give my blog a more local focus, I want also start a new section for my blog in the new year. I read the Food section of the LA Times every week -- or at least I did. I got kind of busy last year and the poor Food section would sit for a day, then two days, then sometimes the next week's edition was coming around. *SIGH*

So this year, to encourage myself to keep reading it (on time), I want to do a little commentary on my blog, featuring my take on some of the things they are talking about. Hopefully it will appear on Wednesdays or Thursdays instead of Saturdays in the future, but hey, give me some time.

The theme for this week's edition of the Food Section is "Are You Following Me, Or Something?" Two of the stories in the Food Section this week are like deja vu for me.

Hitachino Nest: First, there was an article about craft beers from Japan, which are just now rising in popularity, due to the relaxing of some laws about beer production in Japan, and increased interest in the states. One of the beers featured is Hitachino Nest, a beer I've been intensely curious about since I first heard about it last year, and was excited to finally get to try in December. So of course, only a couple weeks after I finally get my hands on this beer, there it is in the paper. Are you following me, Charles Perry?

Hitachino Nest is in the first place, super cute, as with many Japanese things. Its label is sort of '60s-esque with a wide eyed adorable owl. They have several varieties, although I have only tried the white ale, which I can say is very good, if you like Belgian-style beer, which it resembles. I am looking forward to trying the Red Rice Ale, which sounds different, to say the least. One thing which I want to mention, since the article didn't, is that Hitachino Nest is available at Third Stop, a gastropub located at 8636 W. Third Street. It goes really well with their little pizzas.

Lack of Pizza Cutters at Terroni: Everyone's whining about this one, so I can't get too paranoid about Betty Hallock following me. But when she suggests carrying a pizza cutter in your bag, then I have to suspect she's been listening in on my conversations with J, where I mused on the idea of getting a cute little pizza cutter to take with me to meet my pizza cutting needs, since Terroni is not willing to budge one centimeter if "that's how they do it in Italia."

Blogger Plug!: Finally, in a whole new category, I have to give props to the article about LA foodblogger Rickmond Wong, aka rameniac. He is perhaps Los Angeles's number one ramen connoisseur and Russ Parsons's picks his brain about LA's best ramen joints. Read the article to find out what they are, and while you are at it, enjoy the stylish photo.

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