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Happy New Year everyone! I am back from a whirlwind Christmas and a happy vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii. I had no time for blogging, since starting December 24, I had to drive up to the Central Coast, make 1000 or so enchiladas for Christmas Eve dinner, participate in Christmas Eve dinner + festivities, and then go to bed and wake in time for Christmas breakfast at 8 am. 8 am!? This is not a time I wake up on holidays. But I did, and after scarfing down breakfast, we all had to jump in a car and drive back down to LA to get on a plane to Hawaii.

Once there, I was way too busy laying on the beach and snorkeling and hiking around looking at waterfalls to think about blogs.

But now I am back and it is the new year. I resolve to try to post more if I can, and at the very least I will post once a week. I hope it will be more. I have some posts planned for the near future, including another gift idea and "hidden L.A." destinations that you may not know about.

In the meantime, please enjoy my new design! It was my Christmas gift from my talented husband and I think it looks swell. It's all professional now!


Looking sharp, G-101! Glad you had such a superfab Christmas!

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