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LOS ANGELES: Hidden Los Angeles Part 4: Zee's Pick - Petsave Foundation

The elegant and exotic Zee chooses Petsave Foundation, a rescue foundation - but not your standard dog rescue, of which there are many noble organizations in Los Angeles, but they are not exactly under the radar. Petsave is a shelter dedicated to rescuing, caring for, and adopting domestic rabbits.

While it's not exactly an attraction, Petsave does offer you the opportunity to take a day off from your normal life and care for rabbits. Be warned, however, that it is not--as you may be imagining right now--a day of frolicking in a green and flowery meadow with snow white bun-buns.

If you volunteer, you will be expected to do domestic chores such as cleaning cages and changing food and water in addition to brushing and socializing with the rabbits. Grungy outfits are recommended so it's not exactly a pastoral day of fuzzy cuddles, but you do get to hang out with bunnies and you get to help some creatures who desperately need you.

If you want a day-trip of the feel good kind, and an activity that's different, there are worse ways you could spend the day that hanging out with rabbits.

PetSave Foundation
522 W. 9th St.
San Pedro, CA 90731
(310) 833-7333


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