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MEME: Six Word Memoir

So my dear friend, Ms. Vaguely Urban, sprung on me this meme, the purpose of which is to write your own memoir in only six words.

She herself set the bar very high, so it's taken me quite a while to deliberate on this subject. As it turns out, my life is best described in phrases of five or seven words, and not really in phrases of six words.

But I came up with something. Not the greatest, so I have added illustrations to make it seem better. So here it is, my memoir:

KT's MEMOIR (in six words)

Appears harmless, but ...

It's a TRAP!


(adapted from a similar meme on another forum somewhere on the innernets that was more philosphy based):

"lived simple, dreamed epic, was grateful."

said by Jeremy at 10:20 AM Delete

Oh, yours is actually cool! That's nice.

PS I TRIED to find you on Sat. but it was so crowded and after I looked around a while some dumb model and singer came with their babies and it was all paparazzi everywhere, so I took my sammich and went home. :(

I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Pesach! (And birthday?)

said by KT at 10:27 AM Delete

I did! would've loved to see you, but next time fer shur!!

Gawd, I can't believe I'm 29.


said by Jeremy at 9:37 AM Delete

I love it - it's like you're a monk, creating an illustrated manuscript.

That may be the only way that you are like a monk.

said by Demery at 11:02 PM Delete

It IS the only way I am like a monk.
But if I was a monk, I would EITHER be the kind that makes illustrated manuscripts, OR the kind that makes booze.

More likely the second.

said by KT at 11:37 PM Delete

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