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RECIPE: Fettucine with Sausage, Sage, and Crispy Garlic

Pasta is my go-to dish ... the active working time is generally minimal, you can usually make it with whatever you have around the house, and it's always satisfying. But I sometimes take pasta for granted, because it's such a great back-up dish. It's the trusty old standby that I never appreciate while I am sitting and waiting for sexier dishes to call and take me out.

So every once in a while pasta and I, we renew our vows. We get all fancy and do it up right. Instead of just throwing whatever into the pot, I actually a get a recipe and some ingredients that are actually chosen specifically for this pasta, as opposed to whatever's in the fridge. I go slow, and take my time so that me and my special lady can rekindle our old flame.

This fettucine was part of a special three course meal I made for Sunday dinner and was accompanied by a salad and some bread sticks and a peach pie for dessert. Yum! Unfortunately you can't really see the beautiful sausage as it's buried under all that cheese. But it had to be done.

You can find the recipe here. The dish turned out well, although I think I would add more of everything to the pasta for more flavor. But it made for good leftovers as well, which is an important quality of any dish that wants a relationship with me: it's got to be just as good the next day.


I like how the recipe starts out "meanwhile..."

It's very metaimperative, as though cooking pasta, like "you," is understood.

said by Anyanka at 9:40 PM Delete

I generally love Amy's simple-yet-elegant recipes (just like this particular post), and yea -- pasta is a general Plan B for me, but every now and then I gotta "renew our vows" too ;)

said by H. C. at 10:35 PM Delete

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