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NEWS: Andrew's Cheese Shop Opens in Santa Monica

Andrew Steiner has just opened Andrew's Cheese Shop on Montana Ave. Mr. Steiner was the former Maitre Fromager (Master Cheeser!) at Patina and he has not only a longtime love of cheese but has developed relationships with some of the top cheesemakers of the world through his professional experience. These relationships will allow him to provide difficult to acquire cheeses for his clientele.

The shop is intended to be a place not only where people can go to buy cheese, but where people can go to relax, browse gourmet products, talk with the friendly staff and knowledgable owner and learn, or sit with their friennds and enjoy grilled cheese or fondue.

Steiner will have over 200 varieties of cheese, helpfully grouped in categories that will allow the customer to choose what it best suited to his or her tastes, with the opportunity to try things that fall outside of their normal cheese world to perhaps find new favorites.

The shop is set up to each type of customer personality. The staff and owner are willing to talk and answer questions in depth, but for those shyer types, each cheese comes with a description card filled with helpful information to aid the self-sufficient shopper. The cheese cards are also given to customers to take home with their cheese for use at parties or to remember their favorites for next time.

The shop will also offer classes in basic cheese knowledge and more advanced focus classes. They will be $25 apiece and could be a good way to introduce yourself to both a deeper knowledge of cheese, and the shop itself.

I haven't been to this cheese shop yet, so I can's say whether it lives up to the description, but I do encourage each and every area to have its own cheese shop. The more cheese readily accessible to the people, the better! If it's anything like the local cheese shops in Studio City, Beverly Hills, and Silverlake then the neighborhood will benefit from it.

728 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90403


Cool. I should go check it out. It isn't that far my office.

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