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NEWS: Los Angeles Food News for September

Ugh, I'm having the hardest time finding time to post here as you can tell, but I do still get e-mails about local happenings from time to time and I thought I might as well at least start updating the blog with those until I can work up some interesting posts I have in mind to do.

Auntie Em's Begins Farmer's Market Delivery Service: If you want to support local farmers but can't seem to get yourself to the market, Auntie Em's will do it for you. They'll pick out a selection of the week's quality produce and deliver it to your door, as well as allow you to choose from a variety of pre-made items made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. If you're interested, take a look here: Auntie Em's Delivery.

All'Angelo Introduces New Spriz Bar: All'Angelo Restaurant has revived the Venetian tradition of meeting for a spriz (Italian aperitif of Prosecco, soda, and bitters) and appetizers. They have introduced a special Spriz bar menu for the small bar area. We went to check it out and were lucky to have the entire bar to ourselves for the evening. It felt like our own private VIP room as we were served and helped by both the bartender and the owner himself. The spriz cocktails (Prosecco and Sanbitter soda with a twist of lemon) were addictive and the food (an octopus salad, timbale of cauliflower, homemade spaghetti, and a massive cold cut plate sliced to order) was all delicious. In addition the bartender took care of us so well ... offering us anything we wanted and topping off our glasses when we showed inclination to stay and talk over our sprizzes after finishing our meal. I really felt welcome there, and it was great for a romantic evening since the quietness of that back area was in sharp contrast to so many noisy restaurants these days.

Jam Session and Bread Tasting at BreadBar: BreadBar on Third Street is having a jam making seminar, followed by a tasting and afternoon tea.

Where: Breadbar, 8718 West Third Street, Los Angeles
When: Saturday, September 13, 2008 from 4:00pm until 6:00pm
Cost and reservations: Reserve your place today by emailing

BreadBar in Century City will host a talk by Dr. Steven L. Kaplan, a bread historian and Professor at Cornell University. After his talk there will be a bread tasting.

Where: Breadbar in the Century City Mall, 10250 Santa Monica
Boulevard, Los Angeles
When: Saturday, September 20, 2008, beginning at 4:00pm
Cost and reservations: Reserve your place online via OpenTable, at:

Tomato Festival at Hollywood Farmer's Market this Sunday: This weekend's market will feature, in addition to the usual fantastic produce, the annual tomato festival, featuring free samples of many varieties of heirloom tomatoes, tips and information on preserving tomatoes, freshly prepared tomato juice, and cooking demos and recipes.

Blog Love: The Haphazard Gourmet Girls: While you are waiting in between haphazard posts on this blog you'll probably need something else to read. I got an e-mail from The Haphazard Gourmet Girls a little bit ago and I've checked out their blog and it is very fun. It's a humourous but informative look at food culture with an eye to the issues that food lovers are interested in, including those political.

Okay, that's it, there's some good info in these e-mails I'm getting, I realized so I'll try to post these more often while I'm working up my own material and if you're a PR person who whoever, feel free to e-mail me info to check out.


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