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NEWS: Dine LA Restaurant Week

Hey you guys! It's Restaurant Week in Los Angeles! If you have never heard of this, I encourage you to check it out. During restaurant week, local restaurants show off their goods by offering fixed price menus at reduced prices. There are three tiers of prices:

Deluxe Dining: Lunch is $16 and dinner is $28 for three courses.
Premier Dining: Lunch is $22 and dinner is $34 for three courses.
Fine Dining: Lunch is $28 and dinner is $44 for three courses.

In all cases, it is a bargain. It is a chance to revisit that old standby that you just kind of keep overlooking these days or to try a place that is normally out of your league. There are options for everyone and the menus are available online so you can see if they appeal to you. There are many vegetarian and even some vegan options for those with restrictions.

The list of participating restaurants, their price level, and menus is here: Participating Restaurants.

I always take full advantage of Restaurant Week, and it usually works out to both my and the restaurant's favor. Last year I went to Grace, and had a great experience. Grace is an investment for me so now I know that it is worth the money and am inclined to go back for a special occasion.

The other night, we tried Luna Park. I've been to Luna Park many times, but I have a tendency to forget about it, tucked away in its kind of odd location and because it's just a fun place, good for some relatively inexpensive food, cozy and dark, and just generally a good value. Eating here reminded me that it's here and an option for casual dining. I also got to see that they've added a fun thing to their cocktail menu: a "flight" of cocktails where you get three mini-versions of their cocktails to sample. The menu offered for Restaurant Week was a really good example of some of their regular menu selections and as such it's a good representation of the experience you would get if you came back on a regular night.

Next up for us is Cube. It's right down the way, but we haven't been yet. Now we can try it for a lower price to see if we want to make it one of our regular "go out" places. Also on Thursday, I'm getting an unexpected visit from my world-traveling parents who are off on their travels again so we'll be going out then as well to a location as yet unknown. I will try to report back on what I discover!


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